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The main source of fundraising for the Music Boosters is Bingo. The Boosters recruit 4 volunteers each week to help Saturday evenings at the South Portland Bingo Hall, which then donates a portion of their proceeds to the Boosters.

Why Bingo?

South Portland Music Boosters is a respected and valued member of the South Portland School Community. We have successfully raised a great deal of funds for nearly three decades to assist our music directors in elementary, middle and high school. We are fortunate to have a long, working relationship with the Lamson family who operate the South Portland Bingo Hall. Every Saturday evening, the Boosters provides 4 volunteers to help the South Portland Bingo Hall, which then donates a portion of their proceeds to the Boosters. This allows us to continue generating funds for today’s students and for those to come.

Why Volunteer?

Bingo raises much more money and is much easier than other fundraising options, such as bottle drives, car washes, product sales and other things that you or your child may have had to do for other activities. With Bingo, things are just much easier. After all, you only have to spend a tiny bit of your time to help out.

Free food! Volunteers get free dinner at the Bingo Hall. As prior volunteers always say: "the food is surprisingly good"!

By volunteering at Bingo, you can get a Summer Music Camp Scholarship for you child. By working at least 3 Bingo shifts in the year between May 1 and April 30 you can qualify your child to get a free scholarship that can be applied to summer music camps. To apply, fill out this form. Working Bingo can also get you money to apply to students who are all-state. And working an extra 3 shifts gets you an additional $100 credit. Read Cash for Camp for additional information.

In addition, by volunteering you also qualify for assistance with your student's All State admission fees. Read All State Fees for additional information.

If your student is just starting out, you may be renting their instrument from Music and Arts. When you volunteer to help with Bingo, the Music Boosters can help pay your rental fee.

If you have questions about any of this or would like to volunteer, get in touch with us!

Volunteer Information

We send four volunteers each Saturday night of the year to the Bingo Hall to work with their staff. The shift is 4:30pm to 9:45pm. The hall is located on John Roberts Road near the Maine Mall.

As a volunteer, your role at the bingo hall is to help with a variety of simple tasks that allow the bingo players to have an enjoyable night. That is it, really!

To volunteer for a bingo shift, contact us! We will get you added to the schedule.

We understand that life happens, so if you are unable to make a previously committed shift, you must let us know by calling or emailing the VP of Bingo so that we can find a back-up.


Volunteers arrive at the hall at 4:30pm. This time gives everyone about 15 or 20 minutes to greet the other volunteers, sign in, and divide up tasks. By 5:00pm you will be making your way through the hall to sell 50/50 tickets and other game/raffle tickets. The winners of these games are announced just after 6:00pm. Prizes are doled out and everyone prepares for the first bingo game to begin at 6:30pm. After play is underway volunteers simply roam the hall, fanning out in different directions waiting for a lucky winner (sometimes more than one!) to yell “Bingo!”. The closest volunteer will go to the winner to call out their card number to the bingo caller for confirmation of a “good bingo”. With that, this volunteer collects cash from the desk and hands it to the happy player. In shifts all volunteers order and enjoy a free dinner from the concession stand. The last game is wrapping up before 9:30pm. Volunteers help with the quick clean up of the hall which only involves emptying trash cans and returning electronic bingo machines to the desk. With the four volunteers and the Hall's staff this process takes only ten or fifteen minutes. Then it's time to go home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need volunteers in the Summer?
A: Yes, we need volunteers all year long.

Q: Can the students work a bingo shift?
A: Students may only if they are 18 or older.

Q: Is smoking allowed at the bingo hall?
A: No. Absolutely not.

Q: Will I be asked to call bingo numbers?
A: No, never.

Q: Is bingo ever canceled due to bad weather?
A: Rarely.

Q: Can I bring my own dinner?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Can I ask my child's grandparent's to work?
A: Yes. Any adult can volunteer for a bingo shift, not just family members and relatives.

Q: Who benefits from this fundraiser?
A: All music students in South Portland schools, from elementary through high school.