Volunteers can be Parents,

Donate & serve food, move & drive equipment, care for uniforms,

Grandparents or Friends!

grill & work concession booths, cheer on the students, donate baked goods

As music boosters our mission is to help instill in students a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music by:

The Music Boosters as well as the directors are committed to making the music programs in the South Portland School District the finest in the state of Maine. Parents or guardians of students enrolled in the Music Programs are welcomed members of this organization. In order to achieve the goals of this organization, community support is needed.

How You Can Help

There are many easy ways you can help the Music Boosters. Here are some suggestions:

Or just lend us your specific talents! Are you familiar with grant writing? Are you terrific at making posters? Are you a master at organizing email address lists? Are you comfortable with public speaking? Are you a prop master? Or perhaps a stage hand? Are you connected with businesses and individuals who would like to support a wonderful city-wide music program? You fill in the blank!


If you are interested in running for an Open position for the Music Boosters board please email president@southportlandmusicboosters.org.

Open Positions are: 


The Music Boosters meet monthly during the school year and other times when necessary. Everyone is invited to attend. Upcoming Meetings:

Contact Information