High School Marching Band

The High School Marching Band is open to all high school students and selected 8th grade middle school students. In many ways, High School Marching Band is like a sport. In the fall there is a band camp at the end of August to start the season, with two practices a week and a marching band show nearly every weekend.

Students in the marching band practice long and hard to master about 10 minutes of music and marching that always creates an impressive performance.

South Portland has one of the premier marching band programs in the state of Maine and is proud to have won the Maine Band Directors Association Gold Star Award for 11 straight years!

2021 Marching Band Show Schedule

Great News!

We will be hosting a Marching Band Show at South Portland High School in the Fall-October 2, 2021. For those of you who have not hosted before, it means we will provide the venue for the show as well as organize things like parking, concessions (we hope!), judges, and scoring. This is a huge endeavor, lots of fun, and a chance to showcase our school and our music program. But, it requires a lot of feet on the ground!

At this point we like to see who might like to head up the various committees listed below:

    • Event Chair(s)

    • Volunteer Coordinator

    • Band Movement

    • Judges/Judge Runners

    • Scoring

    • Parking/Pit

    • Concessions

    • Program/Publicity

    • Admissions

    • Sales items

    • 50/50 Raffle

    • Clean up Coordinator

Please email Kelly Withers at kelly@withersclan.com if you’d like to be a part of this event.

More 2021 Marching Band information coming soon!